Christmas Day at Hornsey Vale

Hornsey Vale Community Centre was proud to host a delicious 2021 Christmas Day dinner in collaboration with volunteer chef and local resident Alfie Bown. The lunch was designed by Alfie to support those without Christmas Day plans and in need of extra support over the holidays.

Alfie is a media studies lecturer who also runs a local supper club, and was formerly a chef at the Kings Head pub. We’re delighted that he plans to join the ranks of Lunch Club chefs in 2022.

The lunch was served by seven volunteers, including Alfie’s mum and sister, and Hornsey Vale administrator Emma Watson. They joined 15 guests on the day for a sit-down meal, and cooked and delivered a further five takeaway meals. (An increase in coronavirus infections contributed to 15 cancellations, and, sadly, fewer older people were present than planned).

Everything consumed was kindly donated by local people and special thanks go to the community at Rokesly School for their contributions. Wine was served and lunch was a delicious turkey or a veggie nut alternative, with roast veggies and all the trimmings, followed by Christmas pudding or mince pies. Guests took home chocolates and other Christmas treats. Surplus non-perishables were donated by Alfie to Hornsey Food Bank, spreading the benefit from the event.

Alfie said he was very grateful to guests and volunteers who came, “and made it a fantastic Christmas for us.” He added thanks “to everyone who generously donated. We hope to run this lovely event every year going forward.”

Volunteers set up and decorated the Centre, helped prepare and serve the food, and of course washed the dishes! Most importantly they chatted with guests, creating the personal connections that help underpin our organisation’s values. All who came were delighted with the day and kindly shared their messages of thanks.


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