Running a regular group

Community activity

We host a range of informal groups of local people who come together to do an activity. If you want to run a community group that is free to participants or charged at a token rate to cover minimal (non-staff) costs, please talk to us. We will try to partner with you to make it affordable for all parties. We particularly welcome community bookings on weekday afternoons and during the school holidays when the Centre is traditionally quieter.

Commercial activity

If you want to run and charge for a regular class at Hornsey Vale, we ask you to complete our Regular Booking Form at least a month ahead of your proposed start date. Our Trustees have the final decision on whether to accept your booking; please bear in mind they seek to ensure there is a broad range of activity in the Centre that appeals to every age group. Some activity may be ruled out by the Centre’s insurance policy.

If we accept your booking, before you can operate in the Centre you will need to provide us with: the names of two referees who can talk about your qualifications to run your class; evidence of your public liability insurance; a risk assessment particular to Hornsey Vale.

You will be responsible for the First Aid provision within your group and for evacuating your group in the unlikely event of a fire. We will ask you to do a health and safety induction, including covering any HVCA pandemic rules in place.

Once your class is up and running, you will be able to come and go in the building without supervision. We will expect you to run your activity in line with your risk assessment and our Terms and Conditions.