Support Us

Hornsey Vale Community Centre has been successfully managed and run by volunteers for 30 years. We warmly welcome people who want to help. Whether you have a particular skill to offer, just want to meet new people, or you are keen to put something back into your community, we’d love to hear from you.

We are a member of the Tempo Time Credits scheme. If you join up through us to be a member, when you volunteer an hour with Hornsey Vale we’ll give you one Tempo Time Credit. You can ‘spend’ these with partner organisations and, for example, see a film, do a gym session or buy a book as a reward for giving up your time. At Hornsey Vale we can award up to 25 Tempo Time Credits per person in any one month.

We are currently recruiting new Trustees and welcome enquiries from local people and representatives of Centre user groups.

We value financial support. We are currently fundraising to set up a new community garden and all-ability gardening club, and a planned inclusive football training project focused on children with disabilities.

If you use PayPal, you can make Hornsey Vale Community Association your charity of choice, which directs invaluable resources our way.

We can also accept some donations in kind.

E-mail: or call for a chat: 020 8348 4612