Month: September 2022

Two grey armchairs and a coffee table with a pot plant on it

Making mental health accessible for all

For over 20 years, the charity Counselling Initiatives has operated on the basis that long-term talking counselling should be available to everyone—even those who may not be able to afford it.  Operating out of the Hornsey Vale Community Centre, as well as a community centre in Twickenham, the charity and its more than a …

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Get involved in your community with just one mile

Getting fit and active contributes to health and wellbeing, so why do some of us find it hard? Like many things in life, breaking it down into manageable steps—and adding a social element for friendship and support—makes physical activity more accessible and fun. This is the philosophy behind the Community …

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Later-life laughs and exercise

Diabetes and osteoporosis prompted Lesley Chrysanthou and Ann Anderson, two retired teachers, to start exercising regularly several years ago. Their resolve to get fitter has since evolved into a regular gathering for senior exercise now in its 12th year.  West Haringey Seniors Exercise takes place in the gym at Hornsey Vale Community Centre each Tuesday at …

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Fun at the 2022 Crouch End Festival

We were thrilled to participate in the Crouch End Festival on Saturday 9 July 2022. Alongside the events taking place in Stationer’s Park and elsewhere in Crouch End, Hornsey Vale Community Centre was a hub for food, entertainment, and activities. Tasty food options included veg butties, Kally’s vegan Buddha bowls, and Casselia’s jerk chicken. …

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