Meet our trustees

The Community Centre is managed by twelve local residents who make up Hornsey Vale Community Association’s management committee. The management committee is responsible for ensuring the Centre is well run, meets its charitable objectives and demonstrates sound financial management. Everyone is unpaid.

Members of the Committee apply and are appointed based on their skills and interest in the Centre; some places are held for regular Centre users. The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are elected at our Annual General Meeting.

We have vacancies on the management committee and, in particular, currently lack HR, legal and architectural planning expertise. We warmly welcome interest from disabled people, people with Black and Asian heritage and young people (aged 18-25), all under-represented in our organisation. You can apply at any time; ask for our application pack if you’re interested in getting involved.

Current members of the management committee, all living within walking distance of the Centre, and now all pretty good at pandemic risk management are: Debra Mendes (Chair), Duncan Kerr (Company Secretary), Jo Reilly (Treasurer), Aly Hutcherson, Bob Packham, Connor Jenkinson, Lynne Brackley and Tilly Williams.

Aly Hutcherson
Aly is a young creative who enjoys volunteering at the Centre, mainly to chat with all the locals. She discovered the Centre when running children’s classes and fell in love with the community. Working professionally as a children’s entertainer and facilitator for creative workshops, she has a great love for crafts, theatre, and mozzarella sticks. Aly is on the Communications sub group and helps to produce our Newsletters.

Bob Packham
Bob is a football coach and has lived and worked in N8 since 1989.  He has been involved with Hornsey Vale for over 25 years in various capacities, as a user (running Weston Park Primary after-school football club in the gym since 2000), a maintenance volunteer and as part of the Management Committee.  Other community involvement is with Alexandra Park FC and YFC, managing and coaching teams since 2003.

Connor Jenkinson
Connor has lived locally for most of his life and hosts a popular Table Tennis Club held at the centre on Tuesdays. He joined the Management Committee in January 2020 and brings his background in carpentry and web development/management to the Centre’s team.

Debra Mendes (Chair)
Debra joined the Trustees in 2018 and since then has led a range of decorating and infrastructure projects, helping to modernise Centre operations. With a background in business process improvement and governance, Debra chairs the Management Committee, sits on the Strategy, Finance & Governance sub group and is line manager to the Centre Administrator.

Duncan Kerr (Company Secretary)
A casual chat with two of the original founders of HVCA over the back fence led to Duncan joining the Centre as a volunteer in 1993. He helped out with big events like the May Day Gala, Music In The Park and Fireworks on 5 November, while his children were at Weston Park School. Now he leads the maintenance sub group, painting, problem solving and oiling squeaks. Duncan’s family has used the Centre’s After School Club and kid’s activities and enjoyed Yoga, Pilates and Circuit Training for almost all of the Centre’s first 30 years.

Jo Reilly (Treasurer)
Jo first got involved with Hornsey Vale after joining the Mayfield Circuit Training group [Saturdays and Wednesdays; check it out.] With a professional background in human rights education, public policy and funding, she’s held a range of Trustee roles and enjoys supporting the Centre with business planning, fundraising, social media and as a weekend keyholder. She Chairs the Strategy, Finance and Governance sub-group and advises informally on HR.

Lynne Brackley
Lynne has volunteered at the centre for 28 years, first becoming involved through the playgroup and a campaign to install children’s toilets. It’s a glamorous life and someone has to do it. She was involved with the major Centre refurbishment in 2000 and has since helped at events and with Centre maintenance. She works in arts education and has a background in theatre and languages.

Tilly Williams
Tilly first got involved in Hornsey Vale in 2009. Since then she has led on many events at the Centre with a focus on environmental issues, such as our annual Apple Day. Tilly established the tyre garden at the front of the Centre over 10 years ago and continues to maintain it, with members of Transition Crouch End.