A cornucopia of classes

A host of exciting classes are taking advantage of new freedoms by starting up at the Centre this autumn. 

Wellbeing features high in the sessions and all ages are covered. Details on all courses are on our timetable.  

For expecting mums and dads, there are NCT antenatal courses. These courses famously help parents through pregnancy and birth, as well as introducing them to others going through the same experience. 

Children’s (aged 2-5 years) yoga – combined with playful pre-school phonics – are on offer thanks to Hilary Grierson and her Bear Foot Yogis sessions. Rajadhiraja Yoga – known as the yoga of kings, which emphasises a happy and healthy lifestyle – is available led by Federica Gualitieri. Meanwhile, for those seeking Japanese-style wellbeing therapy, shiatsu sessions are on offer. Karen Durham, of A Fine Balance, runs the sessions in the Japanese healing art which translates as “finger pressure”. 

A new art club will be running for pre-school children (18 months to 4 years). Primary school teacher and mum Samantha Burge will help give flight to your little one’s imaginations. 

And University of the Third Age (u3a) is expanding its offering to include Table Tennis. That’s on top of their returning groups focussed on Geology and Local History

Other groups are also expanding their number of classes. These include Stage Academy, FHIIT Squad, Lingotot and others.

We hope you’ll find something you’re interested in at Hornsey Vale. If your passion isn’t reflected why not consider putting something on yourself?


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