HVCA 30th anniversary

In June 2021, it will be 30 years since our charity was officially formed and we’re determined to celebrate!

Of course, we hope we can have a party. At the very least, we’d like to record some oral histories with the people who founded Hornsey Vale Community Association and the community centre, and to create an exhibition to tell the story.

Do you have ideas for how we could mark the anniversary together? Or memories to share about the local area? We’d love to hear from you, if so.

Some of our dedicated volunteers have been involved since the beginning. Duncan Kerr, our Secretary, sums up the last 30 years: “Once Upon A Time…

…in Hornsey Vale, there stood an empty, lonely building situated on wasteland where once had been a secondary school. Neighbours approached Haringey Council to ask if they could run it as a community centre and since 1991, with the lovely Stationers Park right beside it, and Weston Park Primary School opening in 1995, all sorts of classes and activities have been established and run by volunteers.

After being granted a lotta National Lottery Millennium Fund money to smarten it up and make it accessible, the centre became popular for its After-School Club, daytime nurseries, birthday parties, exercise and art classes and much more. The meeting rooms were quickly booked up with craft classes, discussion groups, social mornings with Age Concern and a monthly Lunch Club too.

Outdoor seasonal events like Apple Day, May Day Gala, Music in the Park, fireworks display and Christmas Carols were great and have only become less frequent due to the austerity measures of the last ten years; Haringey Council withdrew previous funding and Trustees’ had to focus resources in other directions.

The Centre had another rather lonely time during 2020 as a result of the pandemic and it will be fantastic to see it alive and bustling again.” Let’s hope that time is soon. We look forward to celebrating those first 30 years, and planning for 30 years more.


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