Hornsey Vale helps give clothes a second life with Traid partnership

Nestled within the heart of Hornsey Vale Community Centre lies a treasure trove of second-hand clothing—a Traid donation point.

This bustling hub is more than just a place to drop off old clothes; it’s a vital link in Traid’s mission to transform high street fashion and empower communities around the world.

Traid, established in 1999, is a charity retailer with a unique approach. Instead of simply recycling unwanted garments, they meticulously sort and categorize them, offering them a second lease of life in their London shops. This not only reduces textile waste but also raises crucial funds for their international projects supporting organic cotton farmers and garment workers.

“Hornsey Vale’s donation point is an amazing resource,” enthuses Jasper Wyatt, Traid’s Community Engagement Officer. “It’s one of our most popular locations, and the community clearly finds it valuable. We’re able to divert a huge amount of clothing back to good use, allowing us to support the projects we believe in.”

But what exactly happens to your donated clothes? Fear not, fashion enthusiasts! Expert Traid teams carefully sort through each garment, ensuring only the best quality pieces make it to their shops. This meticulous approach guarantees a fantastic second-hand shopping experience for customers, translating directly into more funds for their impactful projects.

So, what can you donate? Traid welcomes clean and gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories in good condition. Remember, the better the quality, the more they can raise towards their international initiatives.

While Traid accepts all styles and sizes, they often find themselves needing more men’s clothing to balance the scales. But ultimately, their goal is simple: collect as much second-hand clothing as possible and give it a new home.

But Traid’s impact goes beyond just fashion. They face the challenge of educating the public about the difference between charity retailers like themselves and textile recycling facilities. They emphasise that keeping wearable clothes in use is crucial, not just for reducing waste, but also for supporting the people who make our garments.

“It’s important to remember that 26% of clothes in our wardrobes go unworn,” highlights Jasper. “By donating good quality items, we can ensure they get a second life and make a positive impact.”

So, how can you be part of the solution? Traid suggests three simple steps:

  1. Donate wisely: Send your items to the appropriate channels – textiles for recycling, good clothes to charity shops like Traid.
  2. Give clothes a second chance: Put wearable items you no longer need back into circulation.
  3. Get creative: Repurpose clothes that can’t be resold – make draft excluders, bags, or even art projects!

Feeling sceptical about recycling? Traid offers a compelling argument. Keeping clothes in use benefits both people and the planet. Donating to charity shops maximizes the impact of your items and raises vital funds for worthy causes. Since 1999, Traid has raised £7 million through reselling clothes, supporting 50 projects in over 30 countries and empowering the people behind our clothing.

So, next time you clear out your wardrobe, remember the hidden gems within. By donating to Traid at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, you’re not just decluttering; you’re contributing to a more sustainable and equitable fashion future.

Visit Traid’s website to learn more.


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